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During the spring I developed this little beanie. It’s made in the most delicious Artesano Alpaca and turned out to be girlie cute.  However, I made a mistake in the pattern and I just had to work it right. So when I saw The Yarn Room had a few balls left in this very nice lilac colour I set to work. IMG_5587I have still to make the little flower that also goes on it and I think I might make a little skinny scarf with it as well. I like skinny scarves, they are warm but not bulky. Now I just wonder when I will get around to making a pdf file of the pattern. The plan is to give it a whirl on Etsy, watch this space.


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IMG_4737My feeling about this project is a bit yoyo-like. I’m blowing hot and cold and made some  silly mistakes at the beginning and can now see what I should have done… Hindsight really is great vision but in the life of this yoyo project I will just quietly live with the mistakes as I am not certain what to make of it on the whole.

I realize it is not done yet, but what I visualized when I set out is not really appearing between my hands but I will plough on as I have come up with quite a fun idea for the edging, so perhaps it just will turn into something nice after all.

Now I just wonder if I will bring this project with me on my trip to Denmark or I should bring the other great project I have here beside me which I had to put a halt to for a while as I ran out of yarn. That problem is now solved and I just wonder…

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IMG_4481I finished Dolores’ Neck Wrap some time ago but I only got around to blocking it the other day. This lovely heat and sunshine does make that task very easy. As a matter of fact, I had almost forgotten how glorious it is to be able to wash and dry something in the one day, dry is not exactly a word much used in the context of Irish Summer but this last month or so is most certainly the exception to that rule.  Yum!

I worked this neck wrap in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend yarn from The Yarn Room. It is the most gorgeous yarn, not only is it very nice to work with, but the dye effect  is second to none. The fabric was so soft and lovely when washed that I almost couldn’t part with it but I do know Dolores likes her bit of luxury and I really wanted to show her my appreciation for the huge helping hand she gave me a couple of months ago, so I wrapped it neatly and handed it over today! It was, fortunately, a success. Pewh!

Now I just wonder when I will get around to actually finishing some of the large pieces I am working on…

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Coral Summer BagI am really hooked on the Tunisian Crochet technique. The texture of the fabric is just right. This odd blend of crochet and knitting that almost appear woven is facinating to me.

I had a roam around in The Yarn Room a while back and nearly died, yet again, when I saw the wonderful colours of the Ístex Létt-Lopi yarn. I am normally not really the girly coloured type, but this coral colour with a hint of white through it was just irresistable so I got myself some with the view to making another bag. A rather more feminie one than the first attempt.

I have the front, back and handle made already, I am currently assembling those parts and then I have this plan of making this bag extra super girly by making a lace flap of sorts on it. Something flowery perhaps.

Now I just wonder when I will get around to it. My head is bursting with ideas but my real life has to be lived too… Although I did get a couple of solid hours of crochet in on Sunday, while I waited for My Man to go on stage. It’s just that I have these other two projects that are also very much in need of being finished…

Sometimes I really do wonder about my mental health…

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My Secret & Soft project stalled for a while there as I ran out of yarn. However, I got a couple of skeins of it by personal delivery from Denmark when in London so now I can complete it without a second glance at the amount of yarn left. The yarn is so very nice, it’s pure Merino called Lucca and it is so soft! It also easily felts and boubles but man it’s nice, very nice indeed!

Secret & Soft

Last night was my first time with a bit of  head space and a quiet moment to start experimenting with a border for the wrap. The initial attempt looks like this and honestly, I don’t think the style is contemporary enough for the intended owner.

I think I will have to work out something different unless the inteded owner would accidentially on purpose indicate in the comment field below, if this is to her liking.  Now I just wonder if she might just drop by here and give the thumbs up or down before I really get into my stride on this, or not, as it were.

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I have made some small project patterns for the Pick Up Your Needles workshops and when I saw Sheila’s version of my coffee cosy (Ravelry link, if you are not yet a member, all I can say is, get going) I simply had to publish it and I named it after her as a token of my appreciation of her making such a nice version of it.


I have also made it available in the pattern section of this blog and it is free. Have fun.

Now I just wonder when I will see the end of my current project. All I can say is that it is green and it is Tunisian Crochet and I’m having fun.

Note: Please do not use this free pattern for any commercial purpose, it is a personal pattern free to you only.

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Manly Lace Work

img_3208Earlier when I had this god awful incident in my yarn stash I came across one ball of yarn that I had forgotten about. I bought it at the yarn sales in Avoca Handweavers last year.

It is the most gentle yarn to the touch, it’s in and around a worsted weight and I have completely forgotten what it’s made from, other than being delicious bouncy un-spun wool. I had seen a basket-weave stitch that I would like to knit and I set about doing just that. However, four rows into it I realized that I had made a mistake and left out a stitch but the error looked so attractive that I had to continue. I showed it to my man, asked him if he would wear it even though it was slightly lacy in structure. I made the sales pitch by calling it a manly lace, and he bought it…

Here is the incorrect basket-weave stitch turned Manly Lace of sorts:
CO an even number of stitches. Work back and forth on needle.  (I added a couple of extra stitches on either end to make an even garter stitch edge).
RS rows: Skip a stitch (but leave it on the needle), K into back of next sts and leave on needle. Now K first sts on needle and slip both sts off. Repeat to end of row.
WS rows: Skip a stitch (but leave it on the needle), P next sts and leave on needle. Now P first sts on needle and slip both sts off. Repeat to end of row.
Cont these two rows until desired length is reached. Cast off neatly.

Now I just wonder when the life saving fantastic darling Duddine will get around to getting to the post office. You see, I sent her a SCREAM-HELP-mail, in that panicy way and she sent me a DON’T-SCREAM-HELP-IS-ON-THE-WAY-mail. She has no less than two skeins of the yarn I need, it’s from a different dyelot, but never mind that, it’s merely going to be used for frilly edging. Creative order restored. YAY!

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