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My Parallel Universe

Yarn Classes have commenced and I’m chuffed. I meet fantastic yarnies and get to play with yarn all the time. what more can a woman ask for?

Click here for details!


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The Big Move

I have basically moved operations over on my new website where I will keep blogging and plotting my life with yarn.

Click the logo to get to my new site!


See You There!

I thank you for following me and commenting here and I look forward to seeing you there.

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Sneak Peek

The crativety of some women I know and call my friends knows no bounds. They are sophisticated and refined in their taste and they are accurate in their execution of any creative venture they start. As for the generosity and kindness of these women. Well, that is completely off the Richter scale!

Why I’m telling you this? Have a sneak peek here and you will understand what dreams these women are enabling me to fulfil… It’s not all there yet, but I simply cannot contain myself any longer and I have to share. I wonder, can you?

Thank you Liselotte and thank you Lisa, from the bottom of my heart!

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tunisiantubeIt is pure magic what a bit of space in the head can do for a yarnie! The other day I sat down for an hour after a quick raid of The Stash and completely focused on the task at hand, namely getting the hang of crocheting tubular Tunisian and TADDAAAAAA!  This is the result! It’s not exactly beautiful but with a few tweaks I think it could very easily turn into all sorts of things. In my minds eye I see hats and bread baskets and sausage cushions and perhaps even a jacket…

It’s a winner and I’m chuffed and now I just wonder when I will get around to refining the technique, there’s still a few miles to go, but I just love the possibilites this gives!

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Yarn Galore

Today I went to see the two local yarn stores on the island in Denmark where I was born.


’tis stuffed with stuff!


pure silk ‘n stuff


they even have yarn art on display on the island to celebrate that summer (and the tourists) are here.

It’s in and around yarnie heaven here, don’t you think? Now I just wonder if you believe me when I say I only bought one wee little skein of yarn for a present?… Flying Ryanair and their bagage limits does have advantages, if nothing else, then to the purse…

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Home Sweet Home

I’m in Denmark and this is the view from my bed…

IMG_4750My Ma’s stash, well, some of it

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A while back I stumbled upon a fantastic crochet technique by Wendy ‘Sunshine’. She is working yoyos in squares and making fantastic Afghans and many other fun crochet creations. Unlike me, Wendy is NOT lazy and works in fine thread a lot of the time where I go for more heavy wool that will give some quick instant gratification.

First I fell for the banner of Sunshine’s Creations blog. I love the funky and powerful colour work and I was completely intrigued by the technique used to make the crochet that it shows. I started to experiment with it instantly. I grabbed the nearest ball of wool and an appropriate hook and set to work. It was not a success, at all.  At this point I had not yet spotted the fantastic indept FREE tutorial that was available on the site. Oh, heaven, when I found it, and how my imagination got fired up.

IMG_4517I’m not much of an Afghan maker but a while back I bought two very nice bargain skeins of Kauni Effektgarn from Scandinavian Knitting Design, from the Outlet Store section of their site. I had been on the look out for something appropriate to make from this yarn and these yoyos had Crochet Jumper written all over them.

I have adapted them to what I want to make and I am not working them in squares but in long rows and they are just perfect for the yarn. I am working the back and the front at the same time and I am so exited about my progress.

Now I just wonder if I will make sleeves full length or 3/4 length. The jury is out while I yo-yo my way across the front and back of this sunny project.

Note: I have modified the stitch count in each yoyo for a less dense effect.

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