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Northern VesselLong journeys by car with a willing chauffeur are simply pure heaven for a yarnie. It leaves miles and miles of yarn opportunities just ready to be spent with implements in hand.

I was recently in Belfast and grabbed the opportunity of the long journey to work out Tunisian crochet in the round properly and to practise the tubular technique more. I use a birch hook and for some reason it just works with my very warm hands. Normally, I’m a steel woman as wooden tools do not glide well for us hot handed yarnies.

I managed to work a bottom flat in the round and it’s almost presentable, I just need to work out the rate of increase to make it neat. I worked in a natural colour and an autumnal green. I reversed the colour for what is going to be the rim, which will be turned in and sewn on on the inside. I used a hook 6 mm and good auld reliable Kilcarra Aran Tweed and I have to admit, I’m a wee bit besotted with the whole technique and not least the result.

I think I will have to try and work a pair of mittens or perhaps even socks in this technique. I am not sure how suitble it would be for socks as the finished fabric is quite firm and a bit inflexible unlike knitted fabric but one thing is for sure. I want more, much more!!!


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Yarn Galore

Today I went to see the two local yarn stores on the island in Denmark where I was born.


’tis stuffed with stuff!


pure silk ‘n stuff


they even have yarn art on display on the island to celebrate that summer (and the tourists) are here.

It’s in and around yarnie heaven here, don’t you think? Now I just wonder if you believe me when I say I only bought one wee little skein of yarn for a present?… Flying Ryanair and their bagage limits does have advantages, if nothing else, then to the purse…

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I have a bit of variegated pure Merino yarn in my stash and had the urge to make something of it. I wanted to try out this lovely neckline I had seen on a dress somewhere, it was a lovely ‘superellipse‘ shape. I had this notion of a crochet vest  in treble crochet stitches (trebles are great for speed).

I started the vest and finished the front but something was completely off. My internal aesthetics barometer basically went berserk. It looked horrible and I could not put my finger on the problem. The shape was fine, I had even managed to work the neckline the way I dreamt about, but still, there was a terrible discord about the place.

I left the piece to one side for a good while and the other day I stumbled upon it again and immediately saw what was wrong. The pictures above shows it perfectly, I think. The treble stitches did simply not work with the variegated yarn. I had made an edge of doubles which looks OK, but the height of the trebles brings out the very worst in this yarn. I thought of just ripping back and reworking in double crochet but was not convinced that would work either.

Instead I have restored my aesthetics barometer by casting on for a knitted nice soft shawl in garter stitch. The yarn is perfect for this, pure Zen!

Now I just wonder if I will ever get that vest done?…

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IMG_4155I never do that thing with symmetry on the mantelpiece, I always go for the asymmetrical look. I fancied giving this a go with the crochet hook too and thought this little scarf of chain stitches, a row of shells of sorts with some picot stitches would be fun and funky and fulfil my urge.

I had a remnant of the Secret & Soft shawl and this is the result.

All that’s needed now is a quick rinse and a good blocking and I will really know if the idea has worked. In my humble opinion, it’s looking good so far.

One thing is for sure, the softness of the wool is absolutely fantastic and it will be very snug around somebody’s neck and honestly, with the drop in temperature, this is not lunacy at all, to be making woollen scarves in June!

Now I just wonder if my other idea will work out as good as this.

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IMG_3923I seem to be having a red periode these days. I have a very dear friend who gave me a hand a while back, a hand that meant much more to me than she will ever know. An inspiring hand even, not so much in the creative sense but in a practical sense. I am terribly grateful for that and I am making her a cowl in a Harlequin stitch of sorts using my own Noro Twist Neck Wrap pattern. I am working the stitch in Manus del Uruguay silk blend and it is pure and lovely soft luxury. And the colour is to die for!

I have just finished the crocheting and assembly, all that is now needed is a quick wash and a neat block and some tissue paper to wrap it in and then to hand it over, with love. Now I just wonder when that will happen…

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IMG_3796While I was in London I had the delightful experience of being at a knit-in at I Knit London. There was a bunch of yarn lovers gathered and it was such a joy to be ‘among ones people’, yet again!

Living out here in the bush it’s not always easy to lay hands on fun yarns or different yarns or, well, any yarn at all, really. Not if one is the touchy-feely-smelly-type, anyway.

It’s even harder to get to browse through a well stocked yarn book bookshelf, not to mention magazine rack so being in I Knit London was like being in a wee slice of yarn book heaven and I stocked up! Particularly on the books.

And then I had a good roam around on the wool shelves and boy, did they have seriously delicious stock? However, I showed equally serious restraint and only came away with one ball of Jelly Yarn from Yummy Yarns which they themselves classify as a ‘pop art yarn’ and it most certainly is that and I simply could not resist the temptation.

Before the Pick Up Your Needles workshop on Saturday I completed this little Jelly Belly vessel, a holder for all periferals for domestic electronics devices. I mean, with all these gadgets in our homes one has to have central storage…

It was great fun finding this mad yarn and in my mind I feel a whole series of different ‘Jelly Bellies’ coming on, it’s just that the yarn is quite hard to work in crochet anyway, although the effect is great fun. The other thing is that it weighs a ton, so us bush inhabitants will have to pay some serious postage on top, so as the wonderful Sheila said on Saturday, we’ll have to get going on the strimmer cord! I must say that I will leave the strimmer cord idea for somebody else to try out, I don’t particularly want to do permanent yarn damage to my hands just yet.

If you ever come across a ball of this yarn, give it a go, it’s great fun! Now I just wonder if I will ever be able to find this yarn for sale here in Ireland…

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Anti-pandemic Device

I have to share this pattern!

The Swine Flu Mask by Splendor!

Oh, how I love the humour of humans!
Now, I just wonder if I have gone one step too far in tempting fate?

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