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I thank you for following me and commenting here and I look forward to seeing you there.


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Getting Gauge

IMG_4734To a ‘yarnie’ getting the gauge right is one of the essentials of a knitting or crochet project. We fiddle with hook and needle sizes, going up and down in size to get it just right. When hearing a passionate spinner talk about yarn and ply and gauge and that lenght of fibre and whatever all the fancy footwork is called, I realize I understand a lot but that I know very very little.

Today our Pick Up Your Needles darling spinner Catherine elaborated on types of ply and different fleeces and their chracteristcs. I just love sitting down to listen to that woman!

I wonder if I will  ever really get it about that superb spin and the ply and that. One day I just might get The Machine out, perhaps!…

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The Yarn Room in Ashford is open and she dunnit with style.


And there was cake!


And soon there is a workspace to die for too currently holding tools to live for…


And Hercule was there!


Congratulations Stephanie!

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It’s tomorrow and only one more sleep to go!

The Yarn Room

opens tomorrow at 10am in
Ashford Village, Co Wicklow

I’ll be there, will you?


More here!

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Guest Blogging

IMG_4679A while back I was invited to do a spot of guest blogging on Niamh’s blog who is attempting to write her way back home after some years out of the country. It can be hard to figure out where to fit in or how to. Personally, I have had my moments over the years and continue to have them too. It can be a right circus at times. And more often than not, I actually find cultural differences terribly charming. You can read my piece here.

Now I just wonder if you have any expat tales to tell yourself?

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IMG_4657I was on a great yarn adventure today. I packed my crochet into my basket, flung it into the back of the car, rolled down the windows and felt the warm wind on my smiling cheeks, actually, it was more of a big happy grin on my face that wind was touching. I drove for exactly 45 minuttes and hit The Next Big Thing!



I went to see the new home of  The Yarn Room in Ashford village. I was a bit early and enjoyed waiting for Stephanie outside and immediately started dreaming of a bench outside, the shop is roughly South facing and on a sunny day it would just be the ideal spot for a vitamin-D soak and some stitching…

I peeped in the window and saw boxes and boxes of yarn and felting wool and hooks and needles and books and stuff! And a HUGE table steeped in light from a roof window. The perfect space for a good yarn class!

After a couple of stitches on my crochet I was invited inside and I saw a colourful couch to die for, and a coffee table too ready to be laden down with all matter of yarn related literature. There is room for a lot of knitting and natting in that sofa. And there is even an armchair for himself to wait in… Clever woman, our Stephanie.

The adventure did not finish with that. I was allowed to touch the holy grail and filled in some of all
IMG_4677those empty squares in that yarn rack. Oh, what luxury.

I was even treated to lunch from the Avoca Cafe in Mount Usher. And coffee too. It was served to me in the The Yarn CouchTM , and what a view!!! Cubbyhole upon cubbyhole full of the best of yarn.

What a luxury to have a real LYS! I have not tried that ever while living in Ireland, which I have done for 15 years this coming August. By Danish standards a 45 minutte drive to a yarn store cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be classified as a LOCAL Yarn Store, but that is merely a technicality! Right? Right!

On Saturday I will be going again!

The Yarn Room is opening at 10am on Saturday July 4th and I believe there will be spot prizes all day long. Or at least a bag of free wool for the first customer there. I can’t wait for Saturday to come so I can see The Yarn Room in all it’s new glory!

Now I just wonder if I will meet you there on Saturday? If I do, please make yourself known to me. I would love to meet you! That’s what yarnies do, isn’t it? Meet and greet and that…

Note: Bus 133 from Dublin to Wicklow goes right past the shop in Ashford, more or less.

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Having Fun At Work

These days it’s all work with me, which I am very grateful for, very many people have no work at the moment. However, all this work means does mean that the fingers have to be placed on the keyboard rather than the crochet hook or the knitting needles for that matter which can be frustrating for a dedicated yarnie.

Currently I do have both the needles and the hook on the go and I do actually manage to sneak 5 mins here and there. I have devised a system so I have fun while working. I have the yarn and the hook at hand at all times, so when I am waiting for paint to dry on the computer, I can grab it and do a couple of stitches, literally. In a day I manage to do at least one full round, it all adds up and I am kept relatively sane which my surroundings are very grateful for…

pickupyourneedleslogoIt hasn’t all been work type work though, we have also managed to secure another venue to run Pick Up Your Needles. We are going to run a workshop for beginners and re-kindlers on October 4th at Rathwood, Rath, Tullow, Co Carlow. This is very exiting indeed, and it is another very attractive venue. Details here.
Bookings are taken at The Yarn Room.

Now I just wonder if I will manage to get something done over the weekend, I certainly have no work lined up… Well, I have very little work lined up and for the most part, it’s fun…

Pick Up Your NeedlesThe

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