A Tunisian Vessel

tunisiantubeIt is pure magic what a bit of space in the head can do for a yarnie! The other day I sat down for an hour after a quick raid of The Stash and completely focused on the task at hand, namely getting the hang of crocheting tubular Tunisian and TADDAAAAAA!  This is the result! It’s not exactly beautiful but with a few tweaks I think it could very easily turn into all sorts of things. In my minds eye I see hats and bread baskets and sausage cushions and perhaps even a jacket…

It’s a winner and I’m chuffed and now I just wonder when I will get around to refining the technique, there’s still a few miles to go, but I just love the possibilites this gives!


Yarn Galore

Today I went to see the two local yarn stores on the island in Denmark where I was born.


’tis stuffed with stuff!


pure silk ‘n stuff


they even have yarn art on display on the island to celebrate that summer (and the tourists) are here.

It’s in and around yarnie heaven here, don’t you think? Now I just wonder if you believe me when I say I only bought one wee little skein of yarn for a present?… Flying Ryanair and their bagage limits does have advantages, if nothing else, then to the purse…

Home Sweet Home

I’m in Denmark and this is the view from my bed…

IMG_4750My Ma’s stash, well, some of it

Yoyo Progression

IMG_4737My feeling about this project is a bit yoyo-like. I’m blowing hot and cold and made some  silly mistakes at the beginning and can now see what I should have done… Hindsight really is great vision but in the life of this yoyo project I will just quietly live with the mistakes as I am not certain what to make of it on the whole.

I realize it is not done yet, but what I visualized when I set out is not really appearing between my hands but I will plough on as I have come up with quite a fun idea for the edging, so perhaps it just will turn into something nice after all.

Now I just wonder if I will bring this project with me on my trip to Denmark or I should bring the other great project I have here beside me which I had to put a halt to for a while as I ran out of yarn. That problem is now solved and I just wonder…

Getting Gauge

IMG_4734To a ‘yarnie’ getting the gauge right is one of the essentials of a knitting or crochet project. We fiddle with hook and needle sizes, going up and down in size to get it just right. When hearing a passionate spinner talk about yarn and ply and gauge and that lenght of fibre and whatever all the fancy footwork is called, I realize I understand a lot but that I know very very little.

Today our Pick Up Your Needles darling spinner Catherine elaborated on types of ply and different fleeces and their chracteristcs. I just love sitting down to listen to that woman!

I wonder if I will  ever really get it about that superb spin and the ply and that. One day I just might get The Machine out, perhaps!…

She Dunnit

The Yarn Room in Ashford is open and she dunnit with style.


And there was cake!


And soon there is a workspace to die for too currently holding tools to live for…


And Hercule was there!


Congratulations Stephanie!

Sneak Peek

It’s tomorrow and only one more sleep to go!

The Yarn Room

opens tomorrow at 10am in
Ashford Village, Co Wicklow

I’ll be there, will you?


More here!