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During the spring I developed this little beanie. It’s made in the most delicious Artesano Alpaca and turned out to be girlie cute.  However, I made a mistake in the pattern and I just had to work it right. So when I saw The Yarn Room had a few balls left in this very nice lilac colour I set to work. IMG_5587I have still to make the little flower that also goes on it and I think I might make a little skinny scarf with it as well. I like skinny scarves, they are warm but not bulky. Now I just wonder when I will get around to making a pdf file of the pattern. The plan is to give it a whirl on Etsy, watch this space.


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A while back I had the good fortune to have a roam around in The Yarn Room, literally. I found the most fantastic colours of delicious Artesano Alpaca in DK. I got a ball of each of the Violet and the Fern colour and they are just right for each other, if you ask me.


cherrybabyhat cherrybabyhatandshoes

Cherry Baby Hat & Boots © Irene Lundgaard

The yarn is luxurious and so are the colours in my opinion. I worked out a small bonnet and a pair of baby boots to go with it too. I crochet a simple Violet bonnet and made a leafy edge at the bottom with the Fern colour.
I have tested it all on a few babes over Christmas and found it to be pretty sweet, if I may say so myself.

Now I just wonder when I will get around to working out the pattern properly and publish it, but first I have to work on the tutorials for the
Pick Up Your Needles workshop which is starting to fill up just nicely.

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My very very good and lovely and kind and fun and adorable friend Birgitte of Scandinavian Knitting Design obliged me yet again with a tiny amount of delicious and affordable Alpaca yarn. I just needed a few fun colours to use as ‘garnish’ on some hats that I will be bringing along to a fair I have taken a stall at with my crafty friend in December.

Drops Alpaca from Scandinavian Knitting Design

I only bought three minute little skeins of Drops Alpaca, now that is what I call restraint. Now I just wonder if I can leave it at that, because the yarn is simply delicious in that irresistible sense…

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Television Beanie

I have done it again, made something that was not on the agenda at all. It really is a slippery slope to be on! Projects are mounting and none are ever finished…

The other day I was rooting around in one of several corners of my house where I have a wee bit of stash stored, it’s essential with a good stash, don’t you think? This particular corner contained the loot from Avoca and I accidentally touched the most delicious alpaca blend and my hands completely took over as they grabbed the cone of delicious luxury that plain and simply said ‘knit me’.

Television Beanie © Irene Lundgaard

I allowed my hands to get the better of my mind and set to work on a little beanie. I have terribly little patience when it comes to lace and cables although I absolutely adore the texture of both. My hands would definitely love to master those two arts, but my brain simply does not seem capable.

In an effort to really allow my hands to be in charge I sat down in front of the television and watch the magnificent movie ‘A Fistful of Dynamite’ by Sergio Leone, thereby enabling a bit of an explosion in my brain. I made a beanie of the simplest of all cables over two stitches and finished it off with a row of little turquoise crochet shells along the edge. Pretty and simple and absolutely delicious to touch! The added bonus is that I think my brain would actually be able to cope with a bit more of a cable challenge after this knit. I am not sure if it the softness of the yarn that has worked or perhaps Rod Steigers charming smile in the movie have made the meltdown of the barriers in my brain or if it perhaps was the big bang at the end of the movie that blew out the cobwebs. It is simply magic what hands can do to the mind though. I feel a pair of wrist warmers coming on too.

Now I just wonder, where I stashed my cable needle?…

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