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During the spring I developed this little beanie. It’s made in the most delicious Artesano Alpaca and turned out to be girlie cute.  However, I made a mistake in the pattern and I just had to work it right. So when I saw The Yarn Room had a few balls left in this very nice lilac colour I set to work. IMG_5587I have still to make the little flower that also goes on it and I think I might make a little skinny scarf with it as well. I like skinny scarves, they are warm but not bulky. Now I just wonder when I will get around to making a pdf file of the pattern. The plan is to give it a whirl on Etsy, watch this space.


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IMG_4737My feeling about this project is a bit yoyo-like. I’m blowing hot and cold and made some  silly mistakes at the beginning and can now see what I should have done… Hindsight really is great vision but in the life of this yoyo project I will just quietly live with the mistakes as I am not certain what to make of it on the whole.

I realize it is not done yet, but what I visualized when I set out is not really appearing between my hands but I will plough on as I have come up with quite a fun idea for the edging, so perhaps it just will turn into something nice after all.

Now I just wonder if I will bring this project with me on my trip to Denmark or I should bring the other great project I have here beside me which I had to put a halt to for a while as I ran out of yarn. That problem is now solved and I just wonder…

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A while back I stumbled upon a fantastic crochet technique by Wendy ‘Sunshine’. She is working yoyos in squares and making fantastic Afghans and many other fun crochet creations. Unlike me, Wendy is NOT lazy and works in fine thread a lot of the time where I go for more heavy wool that will give some quick instant gratification.

First I fell for the banner of Sunshine’s Creations blog. I love the funky and powerful colour work and I was completely intrigued by the technique used to make the crochet that it shows. I started to experiment with it instantly. I grabbed the nearest ball of wool and an appropriate hook and set to work. It was not a success, at all.  At this point I had not yet spotted the fantastic indept FREE tutorial that was available on the site. Oh, heaven, when I found it, and how my imagination got fired up.

IMG_4517I’m not much of an Afghan maker but a while back I bought two very nice bargain skeins of Kauni Effektgarn from Scandinavian Knitting Design, from the Outlet Store section of their site. I had been on the look out for something appropriate to make from this yarn and these yoyos had Crochet Jumper written all over them.

I have adapted them to what I want to make and I am not working them in squares but in long rows and they are just perfect for the yarn. I am working the back and the front at the same time and I am so exited about my progress.

Now I just wonder if I will make sleeves full length or 3/4 length. The jury is out while I yo-yo my way across the front and back of this sunny project.

Note: I have modified the stitch count in each yoyo for a less dense effect.

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IMG_4481I finished Dolores’ Neck Wrap some time ago but I only got around to blocking it the other day. This lovely heat and sunshine does make that task very easy. As a matter of fact, I had almost forgotten how glorious it is to be able to wash and dry something in the one day, dry is not exactly a word much used in the context of Irish Summer but this last month or so is most certainly the exception to that rule.  Yum!

I worked this neck wrap in Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend yarn from The Yarn Room. It is the most gorgeous yarn, not only is it very nice to work with, but the dye effect  is second to none. The fabric was so soft and lovely when washed that I almost couldn’t part with it but I do know Dolores likes her bit of luxury and I really wanted to show her my appreciation for the huge helping hand she gave me a couple of months ago, so I wrapped it neatly and handed it over today! It was, fortunately, a success. Pewh!

Now I just wonder when I will get around to actually finishing some of the large pieces I am working on…

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IMG_4155I never do that thing with symmetry on the mantelpiece, I always go for the asymmetrical look. I fancied giving this a go with the crochet hook too and thought this little scarf of chain stitches, a row of shells of sorts with some picot stitches would be fun and funky and fulfil my urge.

I had a remnant of the Secret & Soft shawl and this is the result.

All that’s needed now is a quick rinse and a good blocking and I will really know if the idea has worked. In my humble opinion, it’s looking good so far.

One thing is for sure, the softness of the wool is absolutely fantastic and it will be very snug around somebody’s neck and honestly, with the drop in temperature, this is not lunacy at all, to be making woollen scarves in June!

Now I just wonder if my other idea will work out as good as this.

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I have managed to wrangle a half day off today. Most other people seem to be having the entire day off but I had commitments this morning. However, they involved a trip in a magical garden under the shadow of large Eucalyptus trees so it did not feel like work at all, it never does actually. There is nothing like being able to live the good life while working, is there?


When I got home I sat myself out into my own magical garden, well, it’s more like wilderness but it’s mine and it is magical to me and while I sat out with the coffee working on finishing the Secret & Soft project I was entertained by rabbit youngs and a stoat moving her young from one spot to another, birds singing and the scent of sun on warm flesh. With this good life as backdrop I magically managed to complete the Secret & Soft wrap, now I just wonder when I’ll get to weave in the ends and give it a quick block…

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IMG_3923I seem to be having a red periode these days. I have a very dear friend who gave me a hand a while back, a hand that meant much more to me than she will ever know. An inspiring hand even, not so much in the creative sense but in a practical sense. I am terribly grateful for that and I am making her a cowl in a Harlequin stitch of sorts using my own Noro Twist Neck Wrap pattern. I am working the stitch in Manus del Uruguay silk blend and it is pure and lovely soft luxury. And the colour is to die for!

I have just finished the crocheting and assembly, all that is now needed is a quick wash and a neat block and some tissue paper to wrap it in and then to hand it over, with love. Now I just wonder when that will happen…

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