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tunisiantubeIt is pure magic what a bit of space in the head can do for a yarnie! The other day I sat down for an hour after a quick raid of The Stash and completely focused on the task at hand, namely getting the hang of crocheting tubular Tunisian and TADDAAAAAA!  This is the result! It’s not exactly beautiful but with a few tweaks I think it could very easily turn into all sorts of things. In my minds eye I see hats and bread baskets and sausage cushions and perhaps even a jacket…

It’s a winner and I’m chuffed and now I just wonder when I will get around to refining the technique, there’s still a few miles to go, but I just love the possibilites this gives!


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IMG_4012A relaxed day in the garden, the first opportunity for that in a year or so, not due to ill will but due to the fact that we have had ‘winter’ since last May or so. Last year’s wet and hellish summer makes a day like today complete heaven on earth, a day off in it in the garden is simply paradise.

I took my Coral Summer Bag to paradise today but my first attempt at a lid for the bag was absolutely no success. I will have to rip back and come up with something neater or funnier og simpler. Well, just plain nicer really. I also need to figure out how to stabilize the bottom and sides of the bag. I really wonder how I’ll manage to do just that and hope that another day in paradise will inspire me to just that…

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Coral Summer BagI am really hooked on the Tunisian Crochet technique. The texture of the fabric is just right. This odd blend of crochet and knitting that almost appear woven is facinating to me.

I had a roam around in The Yarn Room a while back and nearly died, yet again, when I saw the wonderful colours of the Ístex Létt-Lopi yarn. I am normally not really the girly coloured type, but this coral colour with a hint of white through it was just irresistable so I got myself some with the view to making another bag. A rather more feminie one than the first attempt.

I have the front, back and handle made already, I am currently assembling those parts and then I have this plan of making this bag extra super girly by making a lace flap of sorts on it. Something flowery perhaps.

Now I just wonder when I will get around to it. My head is bursting with ideas but my real life has to be lived too… Although I did get a couple of solid hours of crochet in on Sunday, while I waited for My Man to go on stage. It’s just that I have these other two projects that are also very much in need of being finished…

Sometimes I really do wonder about my mental health…

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I managed to bag the blues in the Ístex Létt-Lopi and it ended up having the WOW-factor in caps ‘n all!

img_2799Bagging The Blues Bag © Irene Lundgaard

The Tunisian crochet combined with the Icelandic wool that naturally has a certain heaviness to it gives a very strong and beautifully textured fabric.

img_2813I had this notion of putting a bright red button onto the bag, but the bag was much too masculine for a red button; instead I found an old black one that I was given when allowed to search my mother-in-law’s vintage button collection.

The bag itself has a nice shape, I have notions of it being used for hauling the purse and book around when on the move. It is not suited for anything needle or hook related as they would just slip through the fabric.

I have really taken to this Tunisian Crochet technique, the structure appeals to me and I find it so very intriguing that it is actually possible to make a knit crochet fabric. I have found yet another technique where the fabric looks as if it is in fact knitted. Intriguing.

My only problems with the Tunisian crochet is that it curls fiercely at the ends, to compensate I have had to make rows of slip stitches (which is at this moment in time my favourite crochet stitch, it is so versatile and can cover a multitude as well as be used for assembling all sorts.) But I think I may have found another way for the first row, that would cut out some of the curl.

I also had an idea of incorporating some reinforcement along the edges of the strap, but decided against it in the end, it would have become much too bulky so I ended up reinforcing the strap on both sides with a row of the darling slip stitches.

I will have to study this further to find a way to practise to avoid the curl. Great excuse for hooking another item. I wonder if something multi colour would be good to practise on. I think Kilcarra Aran Tweed…

Note: More pictures here and in a better resolution too.

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I should be working on a couple of very very old works in progress, I really should, but I am completely besotted with Tunisian Crochet. I am in very deep with the love of the texture of it and not least the structure, it’s like knitting crochet fabric. I mean, who needs a loom just to make a bit of fabric when you can grab a crochet hook and knit some.

img_2767 Yes, it is that intriguing in all it’s simplicity!

I got some Ístex Létt-Lopi from The Yarn Room the other day and the blue colour is just so richly regal and elegant. In stead of finishing old projects, I am simply bagging the blues!

My idea was to make a one skein project holder bag out of it, but the fabric is too open to hold on to knitting needles and crochet hooks and there are only two chances that I will get around to putting a lining into the bag and those two chances are slim and none… Therefore, I decided to make a shoulder bag for holding my bits and bobs and in that way leaving my hands free for more crochet and knitting.  This is a learning curb, so I am only on my third back so far, fortunately, Icelandic lopi unravels very easily…

Now, I just wonder how many goes I will have to have to get the flap just right.

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