Still Hooked On Yarn

I am having a blast with wool these days. I am still having fun with yarn and hooks and needles and other people and yarn life is very very good. However, I have moved my yarn joy to my new website and you can follow it right here:

My Parallel Universe

Yarn Classes have commenced and I’m chuffed. I meet fantastic yarnies and get to play with yarn all the time. what more can a woman ask for?

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All The Action

All the Action is here:

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See You There!

I thank you for following me and commenting here and I look forward to seeing you there.

The Big Move

I have basically moved operations over on my new website where I will keep blogging and plotting my life with yarn.

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See You There!

I thank you for following me and commenting here and I look forward to seeing you there.

Northern Vessel

Northern VesselLong journeys by car with a willing chauffeur are simply pure heaven for a yarnie. It leaves miles and miles of yarn opportunities just ready to be spent with implements in hand.

I was recently in Belfast and grabbed the opportunity of the long journey to work out Tunisian crochet in the round properly and to practise the tubular technique more. I use a birch hook and for some reason it just works with my very warm hands. Normally, I’m a steel woman as wooden tools do not glide well for us hot handed yarnies.

I managed to work a bottom flat in the round and it’s almost presentable, I just need to work out the rate of increase to make it neat. I worked in a natural colour and an autumnal green. I reversed the colour for what is going to be the rim, which will be turned in and sewn on on the inside. I used a hook 6 mm and good auld reliable Kilcarra Aran Tweed and I have to admit, I’m a wee bit besotted with the whole technique and not least the result.

I think I will have to try and work a pair of mittens or perhaps even socks in this technique. I am not sure how suitble it would be for socks as the finished fabric is quite firm and a bit inflexible unlike knitted fabric but one thing is for sure. I want more, much more!!!

Sneak Peek

The crativety of some women I know and call my friends knows no bounds. They are sophisticated and refined in their taste and they are accurate in their execution of any creative venture they start. As for the generosity and kindness of these women. Well, that is completely off the Richter scale!

Why I’m telling you this? Have a sneak peek here and you will understand what dreams these women are enabling me to fulfil… It’s not all there yet, but I simply cannot contain myself any longer and I have to share. I wonder, can you?

Thank you Liselotte and thank you Lisa, from the bottom of my heart!

Reworking Beanie Pattern


During the spring I developed this little beanie. It’s made in the most delicious Artesano Alpaca and turned out to be girlie cute.  However, I made a mistake in the pattern and I just had to work it right. So when I saw The Yarn Room had a few balls left in this very nice lilac colour I set to work. IMG_5587I have still to make the little flower that also goes on it and I think I might make a little skinny scarf with it as well. I like skinny scarves, they are warm but not bulky. Now I just wonder when I will get around to making a pdf file of the pattern. The plan is to give it a whirl on Etsy, watch this space.

A Tunisian Vessel

tunisiantubeIt is pure magic what a bit of space in the head can do for a yarnie! The other day I sat down for an hour after a quick raid of The Stash and completely focused on the task at hand, namely getting the hang of crocheting tubular Tunisian and TADDAAAAAA!  This is the result! It’s not exactly beautiful but with a few tweaks I think it could very easily turn into all sorts of things. In my minds eye I see hats and bread baskets and sausage cushions and perhaps even a jacket…

It’s a winner and I’m chuffed and now I just wonder when I will get around to refining the technique, there’s still a few miles to go, but I just love the possibilites this gives!

Yarn Galore

Today I went to see the two local yarn stores on the island in Denmark where I was born.


’tis stuffed with stuff!


pure silk ‘n stuff


they even have yarn art on display on the island to celebrate that summer (and the tourists) are here.

It’s in and around yarnie heaven here, don’t you think? Now I just wonder if you believe me when I say I only bought one wee little skein of yarn for a present?… Flying Ryanair and their bagage limits does have advantages, if nothing else, then to the purse…

Home Sweet Home

I’m in Denmark and this is the view from my bed…

IMG_4750My Ma’s stash, well, some of it